caroll williams: collage & assemblage

I believe that there’s a certain magic in the very nature of found 
objects. First is in the fact that they were there for me to find. 
It’s also in their shapes, which are irregularly perfect; their colors, 
in hues that I couldn’t create myself; their weathering, always in 
the precise amount needed.
    What I love most about the old wood, papers and weathered 
objects that I find is that they’ve lasted far beyond their intended 
usefulness and, along the way, become transformed and mellowed, with a spirit all their own. My goal is to invent a new life for them in my art, while showing as little of my own hand as possible.

how I got here

 I was educated as a graphic designer, but  my passion is collage and assemblage art, working mostly with old and found objects whose time-worn qualities always inspire me. I love walking the beach near my home looking for pieces of peeling, painted wood and other flotsam on the shore. Old paper and ephemera hold an equal fascination for me.

I can usually find something interesting on a curbside on a ‘heavy trash’ day, or driving around back of industrial buildings, and have been known to dumpster dive when I spot a particular treasure.    

Another source of ‘art supplies’ has been the friends and relatives who bring me ‘treasures’ that they’ve discovered on the beach or on the street or in their junk drawers, and who rarely throw anything unusual away without asking first if it’s an ‘art supply’.

I’ve taken several inspiring classes and workshops in the past few years and have been encouraged by the instructors to follow my own vision as I work with these unique materials. My goal is to change the materials as little as possible from the way I found them, mixing and matching elements from various places and eras.


Aerial View

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